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12 Must-Pack Items for Women Who Don’t Want to Look Like a Goblin While Visiting Florida

If you’re traveling to Florida, let me tell you: that heat and humidity is no joke. Walking around outside is like wading through wet cotton while Superman shoots his heat vision laser eyes at you. You can literally bake cookies on your dashboard – that’s how hot it gets. Add to that all the mosquitoes […]

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Camping in the Florida Keys: The Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks

Florida Keys camping can mean anything from parking your luxury RV at a gated resort with spectacular ocean views, temperature-controlled pools and concierge services, to tossing up a tent on a gravel parking spot beside a mosquito-infested swamp. But no matter how you do it, Florida Keys campgrounds are the best way to experience the […]

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The 6 Best All Inclusive Key West Resorts for Your Next Luxury Vacation

Confession: There’s no such thing as a truly all inclusive resort anywhere in the Florida Keys. But there are some really incredible Key West resorts that include tons of awesome amenities. We’ve rounded up the ones that are closest to all inclusive and put them into this handy dandy list for you. Best Private Island […]

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Florida Keys Resorts: The Best and Brightest in the Upper Keys

Why Stay in the Upper Keys Resorts The Florida Keys are like ice cream. All of them are good, but you might prefer some more than others. While there are some great Key West resorts, you certainly shouldn’t ignore the resorts found in the rest of the Keys. There are tons of great all inclusive and […]

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The Ultimate Florida Keys Snorkeling Guide: Expert Picks + Hidden Gems

For the best Florida Keys snorkeling, you’ll need to hop on a boat and head offshore to the Florida Reef Tract. But if you’re not into boats, or your search for Kokomo has left you too exhausted for an offshore excursion, there’s still plenty of good snorkeling to be had from several of the beaches […]