Panama City Beach Pier Park

The 14 Best Panama City Beach Hotels and Resorts for Your Next Vacation

When you buy something using the links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. We are good and moral humans who do not accept money for reviews. Read more about our policy. If day-to-day life has left you feeling like you’ve been drop-kicked into the Grand Canyon, a vacation to one of the […]

Art Museums in St Petersburg

The 10 Most Kick-Ass Art Museums in St. Petersburg

When you buy something using the links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. We are good and moral humans who do not accept money for reviews. Read more about our policy. Whether you’re a true art aficionado or simply a regular human, you’ll find that the art museums in St. Petersburg have […]

Jacksonville Beaches Guide

Jacksonville Beaches: Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Patch of Sand for Your Vacation

Jacksonville beaches may not be as… dope? Toit? What are the cool kids saying these days? They may not be as “spicy” as those in south Florida, but they’re just as heavenly, if not moreso. And while some of the area’s beaches can get crowded on summer weekends, the wide variety of beachfront environments makes […]

Florida man

The Legend of Florida Man + 6 of His Greatest Feats

You know how Superman is from the planet Krypton and Batman is from Gotham City? Well, Florida has it’s very own superhero – Florida Man. But he doesn’t do good deeds or save people from evildoers. No, he does really weird sh*t like robbing a bank, stripping naked and then running down the street throwing money […]

Anastasia State Park

The Ultimate Guide to Anastasia State Park: St. Augustine’s Favorite Beach

Looking for a broad, shimmering beach with waves big enough to surf but small enough to comfortably swim? Or a tidal salt marsh filled with wading birds and sea life? Or an ancient rock quarry where most of the stone making up the Spanish colonial buildings in St. Augustine was mined? Well, my friend, Anastasia […]

Fort Lauderdale Beaches

8 Fort Lauderdale Beaches to Scratch Your Itch for Sand and Surf

Once known as a spring break party destination, Fort Lauderdale beaches have grown up to become more well-rounded, with something to offer for everyone. The greater Fort Lauderdale area encompasses 23 miles of sun-kissed coastline with wide open beaches and warm, clear waters. From north to south, these are the 8 best Fort Lauderdale beaches. […]

Florida Keys Beach

24 Outdoorsy Things to Do in the Florida Keys: Parks, Gardens, Beaches and More

Do you like lush, tropical gardens, dazzlingly turquoise seas, vivid coral reefs and magnificent sunsets? Of course you do, unless you’re some kind of deranged hooligan. Well, the Florida Keys has all that and more. With some of the most beautiful parks in the country, plus tons of beaches, gardens and wildlife, there’s plenty of things […]

Woman on Bike

14 Key West Restaurants to Soothe Your Stomach’s Savage Beast

One minute you’re minding your own business, enjoying the warm sunshine and salty sea air, thinking about what it would be like to skip your return flight, quit your job, leave your life behind and start over in Key West. It’s a tropical paradise! You could get a job teaching tourists to read or something. You’d […]

Florida Keys Beaches

The 8 Most Divine Florida Keys Beaches: Popular Spots + Local Faves

When thinking of Florida Keys beaches, most people picture swaying palm trees and endless stretches of powdery white sand. But that’s not quite accurate. The Florida Keys are set amidst the Florida Reef, the third largest coral barrier reef system on the planet. That’s great for snorkeling and scuba diving. But not so great for […]