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The Legend of Florida Man + 6 of His Greatest Feats

Florida man

You know how Superman is from the planet Krypton and Batman is from Gotham City? Well, Florida has it’s very own superhero – Florida Man. But he doesn’t do good deeds or save people from evildoers.┬áNo, he does really weird sh*t like robbing a bank, stripping naked and then running down the street throwing money […]

The Ultimate Guide to Anastasia State Park: St. Augustine’s Favorite Beach

Anastasia State Park

Looking for a broad, shimmering beach with waves big enough to surf but small enough to comfortably swim? Or a tidal salt marsh filled with wading birds and sea life? Or an ancient rock quarry where most of the stone making up the Spanish colonial buildings in St. Augustine was mined? Well, my friend, Anastasia […]

8 Fort Lauderdale Beaches to Scratch Your Itch for Sand and Surf

Fort Lauderdale Beaches

Once known as a spring break party destination, Fort Lauderdale beaches have grown up to become more well-rounded, with something to offer for everyone. The greater Fort Lauderdale area encompasses 23 miles of sun-kissed coastline with wide open beaches and warm, clear waters. From north to south, these are the 8 best Fort Lauderdale beaches. […]