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24 Outdoorsy Things to Do in the Florida Keys: Parks, Gardens, Beaches and More

Do you like lush, tropical gardens, dazzlingly turquoise seas, vivid coral reefs and magnificent sunsets? Of course you do, unless you’re some kind of deranged hooligan. Well, the Florida Keys has all that and more. With some of the most beautiful parks in the country, plus tons of beaches, gardens and wildlife, there’s plenty of things […]

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14 Key West Restaurants to Soothe Your Stomach’s Savage Beast

One minute you’re minding your own business, enjoying the warm sunshine and salty sea air, thinking about what it would be like to skip your return flight, quit your job, leave your life behind and start over in Key West. It’s a tropical paradise! You could get a job teaching tourists to read or something. You’d […]

Florida Keys Beaches

The 8 Most Divine Florida Keys Beaches: Popular Spots + Local Faves

When thinking of Florida Keys beaches, most people picture swaying palm trees and endless stretches of powdery white sand. But that’s not quite accurate. The Florida Keys are set amidst the Florida Reef, the third largest coral barrier reef system on the planet. That’s great for snorkeling and scuba diving. But not so great for […]

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Beaches, Bars & Six-Toed Cats: 42 Delightful Things to See & Do in Key West

Key West may be small (it’s only 4 miles long), but it’s packed with things to do. Being the final stop on the Overseas Highway and the southernmost populated area in the U.S., It’s like all the eccentricity and revelry in the country slowly sank down and combined with the vibrant culture of nearby Cuba […]

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Florida Keys Camping: The Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks

Florida Keys camping can mean anything from parking your luxury RV at a gated resort with spectacular ocean views, temperature-controlled pools and concierge services, to tossing up a tent on a gravel parking spot beside a mosquito-infested swamp. But no matter how you do it, Florida Keys campgrounds are the best way to experience the […]

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The 6 Best All Inclusive Key West Resorts for Your Next Luxury Vacation

Confession: There’s no such thing as a truly all inclusive resort anywhere in the Florida Keys. But there are some really incredible Key West resorts that include tons of awesome amenities. We’ve rounded up the ones that are closest to all inclusive and put them into this handy dandy list for you. Best Private Island […]

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Florida Keys Resorts: The Best and Brightest in the Upper Keys

Why Stay in the Upper Keys Resorts The Florida Keys are like ice cream. All of them are good, but you might like some more than others. While there are some great Key West resorts, you certainly shouldn’t ignore the resorts found in the rest of the Keys. There are tons of great all inclusive […]

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The Ultimate Florida Keys Snorkeling Guide: Expert Picks + Hidden Gems

For the best Florida Keys snorkeling, you’ll need to hop on a boat and head offshore to the Florida Reef Tract. But if you’re not into boats, or your search for Kokomo has left you too exhausted for an offshore excursion, there’s still plenty of good snorkeling to be had from several of the beaches […]