Florida man

The Legend of Florida Man + 6 of His Greatest Feats

You know how Superman is from the planet Krypton and Batman is from Gotham City? Well, Florida has it’s very own superhero – Florida Man. But he doesn’t do good deeds or save people from evildoers. No, he does really weird sh*t like robbing a bank, stripping naked and then running down the street throwing money […]

Perfect Florida Vacation

6 Weird Questions to Help You Discover Your Ideal Florida Vacation

One day, shortly after I graduated from college, my dad and I decided to take a fancy Florida vacation. And what I mean by fancy Florida vacation is whirlwind road trip in my trusty Honda Civic. I wanted to go on one last adventure before getting a real grown up job, and my dad wanted […]

must pack items

12 Must-Pack Items for Women Who Don’t Want to Look Like a Goblin While Visiting Florida

If you’re traveling to Florida, let me tell you: that heat and humidity is no joke. Walking around outside is like wading through wet cotton while Superman shoots his heat vision laser eyes at you. You can literally bake cookies on your dashboard – that’s how hot it gets. Add to that all the mosquitoes […]